Thursday, October 7, 2010

judge not.

yesterday; it was rainy & gross..
i didn't feel good, and i was just overall having a rough day.
to top things off, my hair was driving me insane.
so, i threw it up in a messy ponytail
and i didn't have the energy to worry about it anymore..

i got out of my car to get some gas..
when the lady at the pump by me said, "you have the most beautiful hair!"
oh, random lady - thank you! you made my entire day..
she just casually said this, but it put a smile on my face.
she could have turned her nose up at how messy my hair looked,
but instead she said something simple and sweet.
her remark showed me that not everyone is a mean judge,
and that some people are nice judges.

this leads me to something that has been weighing on my mind,
and that's how judgmental people are nowadays.

now, i won't say that i don't judge people.. because i have/do/whatever;
however, it's something that i'm working on.

i mean, at some point - haven't we all worried:
-about what others will think of your outfit as you're getting ready,
-about how your hair looks before you walk into class,
-about how loud your friends are being when y'all go in a store,

yano, all the silly things like this.
i mean, we could all make a pretty long list of the pointless things that cross our mind.

wouldn't it be so nice if we didn't have to worry about these things?
if we didn't think people were going to judge our outfit, hair, friends, and such.

i think we need to realize a few things..
1. you NEVER know someone's circumstances.
2. you NEVER want someone to judge you, right?
3. you NEVER know how a mean or nice remark can affect that a person.
4. you NEVER fully understand a person from just seeing them.

we don't know if:
- that dress we don't like is the only dress a girl has,
and she was required to dress up for class.
- the power in a neighborhood went out,
so a person couldn't fix their hair that day,
- those friends are together for only a few days,
visiting one that lives far away from them now.
- that person walking slowly just had a family member die,
and they're upset and just need time to think.

we could all make up a million scenarios about each of these topics and other topics.
my point is,

next time you are tempted to judge someone's outfit or say something mean,
just try to redirect and say something nice instead.

i don't care if you don't love their dress,
but i promise just a small nice remark would make anyways day better.

you never know how far a small kind remark will go,
nor do you know how much a small mean remark will.

anyways, that is just a small example.. but its something big i'm working on!

and here's a quote that i love:
be kind to everyone.
you may not be able to save a person,
but at least you weren't one of the people who didn't try.
- chloe higashida.

and here's a talk that i came across last night, that relates..
i love how Heavenly Father works.
but it's a great talk, so if you have a minute -
click the link below and read it!

amazing talk i read.


elise said...

Just discovered your blog today. You're the greatest! Let's be blog friends, yes?

P.s. this post? spot on. You rock.

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