Monday, October 11, 2010

it's okay, monday.

here's ten little things that made my monday a-okay.

1. i can take my human development test tomorrow
instead of having to take it today.. SCORE!

2. it was a long sleeved shirt and jeans,
but didn't have to bundle in a jacket kind of weather.

3. multiple cute boys said several cute little things to me.

4. i managed to somehow wake up well-rested,
even though i was up so late studying.

5. even though it was standstill traffic on the interstate
this morning, i made it to class on time!

6. i could still sing/rap every line to every song on
a 2 year old mixed cd that i put in.. i felt beastly.

7. my nonstop sneezing spree finally ended,
and my throat isn't quite as swollen as it was.

8. the rootbeer float i had after class was
absolutely perfect.. no exaggeration.

9. my car has remained spotless for 3 weeks..
mhm, can't say the same about my room.

10. i have managed to not lose my mind..YET!
i think i can hold out for two more days.


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