Sunday, October 10, 2010

pure bliss.

if you're from alabama
or understand the auburn/alabama rivalry..
then you know three things that make any auburn fan happy!

1. auburn beating whoever they're playing
2. alabama losing to whoever they're playing
3. alabama losing to auburn
(the latter one is what makes us the happiest,
but we have to wait until the end of the season for that.)

but yesterday the first two things occurred!

Auburn vs Kentucky 2010: NFL Recap and Football Scores thumbnail
auburn won!
they beat kentucky.

alabama lost!
south carolina beat them.

bama is ranked #8 now,
sorry y'all.
auburn is now ranked #7..
which is the highest ranked SEC team!

nuff' said.

you better bet this made my weekend great.

the feud on my facebook newsfeed is insane.
the auburn/alabama rivarly is like no other.
i promise you that!

the game next week against arkansas
will be a nail biter, for sure.

ryan mallett is a great passing quarterback,
but cam newton is the best in the SEC.
(look it up if you don't believe me!)
so, i know we CAM beat 'em.



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