Friday, November 5, 2010

dear uvu testing center,

we need to talk..

today, i visited y'all!
(not by choice, might i add.)

when i came in -
i was a very sleepy,
but nonetheless, healthy college student.

yet, i had the privilege of
spending three hours of my life with y'all
as i took a math test.

once, i finally finished
i left with an unexpected present!

so sweet and all,
but y'all really didn't have to..

thanks to your other visitors
that were coughing and sneezing
the whole time i was there,
i now have a runny nose
and the inability to stop sneezing!

i truly have a new love for y'all now,
and i anticipate next time we meet SO much more.

but hey.. just a request,
you should try to put all the sicklings together..
so, people like me don't get unexpected presents.

yours truly,
mallory blair.


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