Friday, November 5, 2010

house hunting.

jace and i are laying here looking at
BEYOND AMAZING houses and rooms.

i figured i'd share some with y'all,
so we're not the only ones in awe over them.

Outdoor Spaces
can i have this room? please and thank you.

beach house sea
this would be perfect.

The entrance
seashell house.... weird.

kids room
my future children want this room, i already know. haah.

heaven on earth.

Space Saving Tiny Apartment, New York | Interior Designs And Home Ideas
i love this.

built across a river.. oh, i'd never leave my house.

i am seriously in love.

and just to throw this out there... NO WAY, JOSE!

there's so many more,
but i'd have y'all looking forever..
so, that's all for now.


elise said...

Holy Hannah! Where did you find these? These are amazing. My apartment seems so boring now...

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