Sunday, November 7, 2010

war cam eagle

Cameron Newton
there has been some chaos with cam newton
the past couple of days!

allegations have been made and trash has been talked,
but cam has kept his head up.

if there's one thing that cam has going for him,
it's that auburn is family.. no matter what.
we believe in auburn and in him!
so, we stand behind him through alla this.
auburn family, ALL IN.

Chattanooga Auburn Football

the whole situation is a mess,
it seems to me that jealousy is trying to
tear down the best quarterback in the nation..
BUT he isn't letting that happen!

in the game, yesterday, against chattanooga,
cam passed for a career-high 317 yards and
four touchdowns, and ran for a fifth..
all in the first half.

he's amazing, that's for sure.
but he's not just an amazing football player,
he's truly a good guy too.

here's an article i found that was great!

i hate that he's having to go through all of this,
because it is just jealousy from how amazing he's doing,
but as he said yesterday -
"God is blessing me in my life and the way i play,
and i'll always owe that to Him. When God be blessing,
the devil be messing."

there's two things that are really peeving me..
1. people that are writing things like this
when they are just assuming the allegations are true.
2. alabama fans that are talking crap, NONSTOP.
(maybe y'all should've been more worried about LSU
and less worried about cam newton this week!)

i'm so proud of auburn this year
and more importantly proud of cam newton.

he was asked yesterday if he felt differently this week,
because of all that has gone on the past few days,
and cam said, "i feel 10-0. that's about it!"



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