Friday, November 19, 2010

THAT type of girl.

today, i learned from several girls that
i'm not "THAT TYPE OF GIRL"..

i just wish i knew the qualifications of
being "that' girl and why they thought i was..

scenario uno:
we got our averages in math today,
when a girl said this to me..

"you don't seem like the type of girl
to have a 98 and highest average in a class"

note to self: you just learned last night from
jace's book report on the gingerbread man
that you shouldn't brag.. so, take a deep breath
before you start talking.

okay, i was a little offended and wanted to brag that
i've had a 4.0 all my life, even in college and to set her
in line that she was WRONG.. i am smart! meanie.
BUT i didn't, i just smiled and said oh, thanks?

question: who says oh, thanks when someone tells
you that they assumed you were dumb..? mhm, yeah.
i'm officially pathetic.

scenario dos: 
i was talking about football with a boy in class,
which is practically a daily routine for me..
but today it differed, because a girl said..

"you don't seem like the kind of girl to know football,
do you just pretend, so you'll have something to say?"

i nodded and said, dang it - you caught me..
to which she gave me a smug little smirk.

note to self: don't use sarcasm towards that girl, ever.

i mean, honestly.. what "type" of girl watches football?
even better, what "type" of girl would waste their time
learning about football and pretending to like it? since
she assumed i was that girl rather than the one that
actually liked it.

note to girl: i'm from the south, SEC football is our life.

scenario tres:
a few of us walk into our math class before it started
and a boy from the previous class was going off on his
teacher and she was crying.. a few people in my class
were making rude remarks towards the boy. while i
just calmly told him that i didn't think he was acting
appropriately and that he should remember that she
has feeling too, yadayadayada.. he gave me kudos,
told me i was awesome for being so nice about it to him.
to which a girl says to me,

"you don't seem like the type of girl that is nice."

again, this upset me a little.. there are very few occasions
when i'm mean to someone. that is only if you give me a
legit reason to be, and most of the time - i still won't be.
because 1) i don't like confrontation 2) there's no point in
being mean.

so, as i was thinking of a reply and trying to hold back tears..
a boy in my class said, "WHAT? alabama is the nicest girl.. ever"
and the girl said, "well - i see that now. she just didn't seem
like that type." i said, thanks and dropped it.. even though, i
still want to know why i seem like a mean girl.

that was all, but i don't get it..
i hate to break it to them that i'm not THAT girl,
but the way "she" sounds.. i don't want to be her
and i'm peeved that they think i was.

my best friend said girls just never seem to like me,
which he is correct about.. i just don't understand it.
oh well, though.

just so y'all know, for future reference..
i'm not that girl and proud of it.


Brett said...

Mallory! You are a beautiful girl inside and out! I wish I really knew you more personally. I go through this all the time. Girls are just rude and jealous of how well rounded you are!

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