Friday, November 19, 2010

you can't catch me.

i know you're thinking..
what on earth is that thing?

my little brother had a book report
and had to make a totem pole of it.
me being a great sister, did it for him!
even though, i had a research paper to do.

i finally finished his project at midnight,
then started my research paper at one.

five hours, lots of yawns, and seven pages later
my paper on anxiety was finally finished.
so ironic, because it caused me so much stress!

anyways, jace turned in his project this morning.
then when i went to pick him up from school today,
he was like.. mal, i got a b on my project and report.
i think a few tears were shed [i got 32 minutes of
sleep last night, so i'm emotional] before he was like,
NO! MAL.. i really got a 100!
then he showed me the paper, which said..
"amazing totem pole, excellent paper!
great job, josh and mallory ;]"
thank you 5th grade teacher, you made my day.

but yeah..
here's some up close pictures..

please refrain from joking on my
drawings of the fox.. they suck, i know.


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