Wednesday, November 17, 2010

what's his name?

making a fool out of myself is a daily routine.
but today - i outdid myself.

i was sitting in my math class before it started,
just talking to some people, when the incident occurred.

there's a boy in my class named whitney.
i know, why would you name your son whitney
i've thought this since the first day of class.

anyways, i had to ask whitney something..
so, instead of getting up and asking him.
i'm screaming, WHITNEY! to get his attention.
well, i did this about five times before i became
frustrated that his homework was SO important
that he was just ignoring me.

doug and devin, two boys in my class, are just
looking at me like.. "who are you talking to?"
i innocently pointed to whitney, to which i was
then informed that is NOT his name.

WHAT? is this a joke?
then all these thoughts begin to run through my mind..

"i have called this boy whitney since the first day of class..
i talk to him every single day in class..
he has never told me his name wasn't whitney..
i have no idea what his name is..
i wonder if he thinks i'm dumb..
why hasn't anyone told me before that that's not his name?"

anyways, with these thoughts running through my mind.
i just bust out laughing..
i've just won the queen of cool award..
so, tears are rolling down my face from laughing so hard. 

the boys in class were laughing just as hard.
so, at least i gave them a little something to laugh about..
i guess?

the best part is, "whitney" never even looked up..
not even after i'm crying and proclaiming how dumb i am.

high five, mallory.
you win at failing!


elise said...

This is hilarious! Did you ever find out his real name?

Brett said...

Oh my heck, This has happened to me too and I never found out the boys real name. Ahh, I am so glad I am not the only one!

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