Thursday, December 30, 2010

all about little ole' me.

linky parties are officially the best!
i have the hardest time thinking of stuff,
but i ADORE reading other's cute little lists.
so, i join in on the fun!

1. when i was a youngin, i had a bowl hair cut..
but no worries, i had huge bow in my hair - at all times.

2. i rant about how perfect the south is, on a daily basis..
my fellow utahans are probably getting sick of it.

3. fishing, mud riding, and hanging with the guys would always
be my choice before shopping or getting my nails. 

4. i could sit at baseball games all day long,
and honestly - i'd be perfectly content.

5. i can't wait to get married in salt lake city temple one day.

6. i really plan to stick to my new year's resolutions this year..
(even though i say that every year!)

7. bonfires with my best friends were one of
my favorite things from high school.

8. if i find a blog that i adore,
i'll read all the way to the beginning of their blog existence..
usually in one sitting.. which i probably shouldn't tell people.

9. i am obsessed with sunrises..
however, i never feel a camera can ever capture it well enough.

side note: all my pictures of  sunrises (which is quite a few)
are from staying up all night, not ever waking up insanely early.

10. skype is probably my favorite invention ever.

now y'all know more about little ole' ME..
oh, and growing up - i had a ton of decorations that said,
"it's all about me" - because those are my initials, haah.


*Ashley* said...

ha, i love the south too. im a southern girl living in the northern world (ish)... does indiana count as the north??? lol

Rhiannon said...

hahaha soooo very cute and I can totally relate and agree with almost everything... except baseball games, sorry never was a fan. Great meeting you!!!

Bonnie said...

So fun to get to know you! I agree with doing anything outdoors for fun over shopping and nails!

Darling blog! I am now your newest follower!

Heidi said...

Keep that goal of the S.L. temple. I'm sure you're well on your way. That's where my parents were married. I was married in the Mesa temple. So beautiful! I love bonfires too, and I'm a sucker for football. Great to get to know you a little bit!

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