Thursday, December 30, 2010

just living vicariously.

it's four in the morning,
which is when normal people sleep.
however, i'm far from normal;
and blog stalking overrules sleep for me.
which leads me to the point of this post..
i found a new blogger,
and i'm already completely obsessed!

her name is sarah.
she has an adorable love story.
 she's beyond gorgeous.
her husband plays baseball.
oh, and she travels the world.

i know, i know..
you're jealous, right?

well, get over the jealousy
and go gawk over her blog.

i promise, y'all won't regret it..
you'll be living vicariously through her blog in no time.


Suze said...

I totally just went and friended her as a follower ha ha thanks for sharing girl! she is awesome! im a new follower of your blog too! :)

*D* said...

I love Sarah and her blog! not only does she have an awesome blog but she's also a very sweet girl. :) {who's life I'm very jealous of as well. hehe}

Tucker said...

Thank you sooo much!! YOU made my day!! i adore your blog too and am now a follower (:

Emily said...

YAY! You found Sarah! She is my BFF's college roomie and is amazing (obviously you have figured that out!) So glad you found her - and glad I found you -- love your blog!

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