Sunday, December 12, 2010

erase your fears.




(via vegetarianzombie)
I like this a lot.

i am a fan.
is that not the neatest idea?

i woke up this morning
and was completely stressed out!

i thought it was monday
( the day of my math final exam )

since i saw that picture
and with my incident this morning.

i decided to add failing to my list of fears.
it's always kind of been;
hence, how big of a nerd i am,
but it's only gotten worse over the years!

so, yes..
i suffer from:
lygophobiathe (being in dark places),
 athazagoraphobia (being forgotten),
coulrophobia (clowns),
tropophobia (change),

and hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (long words)!

haah, okay - not really the last one
but i thought it was pretty funny.

what are your fears?

we can pretend i have a sahweeet chalkboard
for you to write it down on and
then someone will come erase 'em for you.


nicole ...given said...

bahahahaha i love the phobia for long words. doesnt it make you giggle soooo bad!

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