Sunday, December 12, 2010

studying and partying.

want to hear about my day?
well.. heads up: it was pretty lame!

this was me for eleven hours straight today:

all this studying was for one subject: math.
the bad part is,
i can get as low as a 45 on my final
and still have an A average..
BUT i want to make a 100 on it.
well.. because i am an extreme nerd.

however, with such low expectations
from my teacher,
i wanted to quit studying.. really, i did.
however, two boys kept me in line.

[TJ (left) and COLLIN (right)]

 tj talked to me all day
and kept on my case if i started to slack.

side note:
very few people call me blair,
*which is my middle name*
except my daddy does religiously.
so, now that tj has decided to..
i throw in mocking "father" remarks.. quite often.

however, in my eleven hours of studying
i'm guilty of sneaking on facebook a little bit..
which is when i got a random IM from collin!

that boy sure does know
how to put a smile on my face.

anyways, i used the two of them as
ways to keep sane and on track..
until it was time to take a break and go to
the church christmas party.

now, don't get me wrong.
i had no problem with going,
and getting a break from math.

BUT i really didn't want to get ready.
knee high socks and cheer shorts
was perfectly comfortable to me.
so, it took some more pep talk from tj.

anyways, i eventually got up and got ready..
then the family and i went to the party!

then as soon as i got home,
it was back to this:

i would never recommend this much studying,
but i guess you gotta' do what you gotta' do.

it's 2 in the morning,
and i quit studying to blog..
but i think i'm about to call it a night.

last thing, though:
there's two pictures from tonight that i can't get enough of..

 i might be a little biased, because she's my sister,
but i think she's a cuter santa than that old guy.


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