Thursday, December 9, 2010

this semester at UVU.

human development with debra taylor*
- i had the priviledge of having the most adorable teacher ever.
- memorized answers, got 100 on the tests, now know none of it.
- gawked over the most precious married boy ever.
- learned that debra makes her classes extremely easy, score.
- overall, i loved this teacher and wish she taught all my classes.

humanities with noreen astin*
- got to pass notes and gossip with brittany all semester.
- had the teacher fall in love with me, because i have her twice.
- no matter how easy a class is, if there's busy work.. it's lame.
- met a few new guy friends, all of which are pretty hilarious.
- i became a pro at pretending that i enjoy humanities.

math with clay brown*
- i adored every single aspect of this class.
- managed to have the highest grade in the class all semester.
- met two amazing boys that i actually already knew their mom.
- made a 95, two 98s, and a 100 my tests.. which is a miracle.
- gawked over the eyes and smiles of two handsome individuals.
- had the most amazing math teacher i've ever had in my life.
- this was actually my favorite class this semester.

ethics and values with noreen astin*
- i realized that i will never again take a night class.
- learned a lot about philosophers that i could care less about.
- set a new record for the amount of times i yawned in a class.
- two and a half hours in any class is a disaster waiting to happen.

overall, this semester was a success!
for once - i almost wish it wasn't ending.
i adore going to some of the classes every MWF.

i kept my spiffy little 4.0 average,
i met some pretty precious people,
i am a semester closer to being done,
and alla that makes me pretty happy!

math, nutrition, health, theater, and career exploration -
you have a lot to top, for next semester, but i have faith in you.


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