Thursday, January 13, 2011

have no fear.. the bachelor post is here!

i was guilty of missing the bachelor
to watch my football team win the

so, i was behind on this post!
there's so many things to mention, though.
let's start!

Brad Womack in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 2

first off:
raise your hand if you think michelle is psycho!

the word "birthday" count: 8 million and 42 thousand.

sweetheart, you're thirty.. not sixteen.
your birthday shouldn't be THAT big of a deal!

also, the whole peel all the layers thing just reminded me
of shrek and donkey's conversation about onions.
(i hope it reminded y'all of that too)

point of this: she made me want to pull my hair out
and she's officially off my list of favorites..
however, she'll make it far.
there's always a girl like her in the end.

raise your hand if you think melissa is psycho, too!

it was so cute that she went into
the other girl's scene and kissed brad.
oh wait, no it wasn't.

is she 31 or 32?
(she said both .2 seconds apart)
either way, stop acting thirteen.

i think she might be bi-polar too..
crying and throwing her pity party
then... i ate onion pizza!
is this real life? she must have issues.

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 2

emily is my favorite.

her talking on the phone to her little girl
seriously put a few tears in my eyes.

i'm glad she got the "most genuine" rose.
she totally deserves it.

pretty much, i think the show should end
right now and emily should win!

now that we have the main girls covered
i'll get down to some others:

what does molesting each other's faces,
awkward costumes, and lame scripts have to
do with donating blood and why would
they want the bachelor chicks on their commercials?

Brad Womack in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 2

i think fang girl would've been better
for that awkward bedroom vampire scene..
they obviously casted the wrong ones for that.

oh, speaking of fang girl -
did anyone else realize she only has a
weird accent when she talks to brad?
FYI: it's not cute or seductive, it's weird.

ali (from last season) must not own a brush.
i've never seen her have decent looking hair.

why did the girl with the headband
tell about her pathetic dating history?
i felt like she was fishing at,
"i want to be the next bachelorette!"

Brad Womack and Ashley Hebert Cuddle Up in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 2

i wanted to fast forward through the dentist's date.
(yes, i threw this at the end.. why? because i almost didn't
even want to mention it! i was THAT bored with their date.)

lastly, the moral of this episode:
drama gets you nowhere, girls.
i'm so glad the drama queens got sent home!

did i leave anything out?
please share if y'all caught something i didn't.


Morgan I. said...

Haha you are so funny! I don't watch the bachelor but it's fun to read what you write about it! Really drama does get you NO WHERE. And that guy needs to WORK for the girl he wants, I don't think the girls should have to work for him lol

Brett said...

Okay I agree with most of this. My favorite is still Ashley (the one who got the 1st impression rose) but I do like Emily for my 2nd favorite. I wish she would tell Brad about her daughter though. I thought the Carnival date got dragged out. There are a bunch of psychos on this episode.

Emily said...

I love this recap -- hahaha. I agree w/ pretty much everything!! Emily and Ashley are def my faves. And Michelle needs to go. Asap. She is ridiculous w/ all of that bday nonsense!

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