Friday, January 14, 2011

keep calm and continue reading.


today as i was sitting in class,
i decided to put some library books on hold.

once i left school,
i went and checked the seven books out.

now i will spend every waking moment reading
and not doing any homework.

what a weekend it will be!

what're y'alls favorite books?
that way i can pick some good ones next time.


LP said...

The Lovely Bones; Brave New World; To Kill a Mockingbird; The Lake of Dead Languages; This Is NOT Chick Lit (short stories, but very good); Altared (several brides stories of their wedding, many are hilarious)...I could go on forever :)

Ashley Lane Hamlin said...

I just read A Little Bit Wicked and loved it! Also, The Help is my new go-to recommendation. Amazing!

Congrats on the Championship! I'm an LSU Tiger, but I was rooting for you- very loudly, in fact!

Jared & Brit said...

You already know I will read anything Nicholas Sparks because he's my fav :)
Even though when something ends the way I don't want it to I quit reading the book and never finish it hint all the sticky notes in my books.

My recent book has been At First Sight by Nicholas Soarks. It's pretty great. I'll have to fedex it to you if you haven't read it :)

Jared & Brit said...


elise said...

Hourglass Door series by Lisa Mangum. They are SO good.

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