Tuesday, March 1, 2011

operation starvation.

this morning,
i ate devoured a WHOLE box of cereal

don't even tell me how gross that is,
because trust me - i know.

so it's safe to say -
however, it doesn't work like that!

i need to cut back on sweets and carbs.

so, that i don't look like the fiiiine lady below on spring break!

cutting these two out of my diet is going to be hard.
considering that's practically my whole diet!

but hey, at least i won't be tempted by that
box of cereal tomorrow morning..

let operation starvation
(AKA eat healthy foods)


*Ashley* said...

im doin it too sista. ive been off sugar,bread, dairy, and mucho other stuff for nearly 2 weeks now. not easy at all...but do able. just drink lots of water because it helps fill you up, satisfies your sugar cravings, and helps you lose weight all at the same time! and fruit will be your best friend. :)

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