Monday, March 21, 2011

spring break.

so, spring break was last week.
who was supposed to go to vegas with their friends?
oh yeah, me..
who had their friends bail on the plans?
oh yeah, me.. again.

one had to get their wisdom teeth out - understandable.
one got a surprise trip home - way legit.
one spent her money on a different trip - no comment.

i bawled my eyes out for a bit..
and planned to sit in cold utah and throw a pity party;
however, my amazing family wouldn't allow it.

they backed up their stuff, skipped school, and
we all went down to vegas instead.

i thought, "this will be lame.. with my family and all!"
however - i take it back.. it was a complete blast.

here's a video i made of the trip:

it's exactly what i needed,
because it made me remember -
family is what matters.

friends come and go,
but the fam dam is here to stay!

so, thanks family..
i love y'all.

oh, but bless my baby sista, brotha, & step dad's hearts.
food poisoning turned the last part of the trip into a puke party.


Brett said...

awh i'm sorry your friends ditched. i've never been to vegas, is it all its cracked up to be? hope your siblings and step dad feel better! :)

The Sweet Life said...

I'm glad your Spring Break plans weren't completely ruined. I have never been to Vegas so I am very jealous!

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