Tuesday, May 3, 2011

in the news.

tornadoes ripped through & destroyed my sweet home, alabama.
(& a few other southern states)

the world witnessed a real life fairytale.

the terrorist that's been hiding for 10 years has finally been killed.

i'm done with this semester & won't see UVU until august.
(which seems tiny & irrelevant now)

my prayers are continually with those in alabama & the other
southern states who lost everything, lost family members & friends,
& who had their lives change forever on that day.

by the way,
i apologize for the lack of blogging.
this semester was a headache.
but my blogging will be back in action now!


Brett said...

I am praying for everyone affected by those tornados! Awful. But I'm so glad your blogging will be back in action now,I've missed it!

elise said...

Dude, I have been slacking on blog stalking you. So I'm selfishly a little glad that you've been blogging a little bit less because it means I didn't miss out on too much! ;)

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