Tuesday, May 17, 2011

look at me now.

in my down time, i gawk over jbieb on youtube.
i've done it since before baby bieber was even famous..
so, don't judge me!

anyways, i came across this - 

which made me look up the original to see if
my boy, justin, really rapped it right.

so, i listed to the original and sure enough.. he did.
yet i also saw some other covers of it,
which i loved.

are you amazed? because i am.
busta can spit a rap, reallllly fast.
BUT i've been given a challenge,
which is to learn it ALL.

so, i dedicate night and day to rapping
until i can finally get it down.

prepare yourselves for a video, eventually..
it may take me a bit,
because i'm about as white as it gets.

but i'm curious,
do any of y'all know it?
i have a few friends that do.
and i'm convincing my dad to learn it too!


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