Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pencils of promise.

pencils of promise is an amazing organization
that i reeaaaalllly want to start working with..

chances are, you'll want to too after you
take a minute to watch these.

(& hello, do you see the stud that started the organization?
& i mean.. bieber ain't bad either! ;])

but the point is,
everyone can help to make a difference.

we often overlook how blessed we are to have the education
systems that we do. when there are so many people that do not
have the opportunity to even go to school.

we complain about homework, they wouldn't mind it.
we complain about our teachers, they wish they had some.
we complain about waking up early for class, they wouldn't mind it.
we complain about our schools, they wish they had some.

you can make a difference,
so start now.


The Sweet Life said...

That's amazing!

Jared & Brit said...

look at they are another great organization that is helping schools.

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