Monday, June 6, 2011

happy belated birthday.

raise your hand if you're an awful niece?
okay, maybe i don't have to raise my hand..
because technically, i did tell my beautiful aunt happy birthday on june 4th (her birthday!); however, i did forget to make a blog post about her on her birthday! hence the "belated" in the title.
so... i'm sorry jen, but it's here now!

now let me go ahead and tell you, i have a handful of aunts. (my mom has a lot of siblings!) but each and every one of them is the best in their own way; stac cooks like no other, bgrub doesn't mind acting a fool with me, lindsey is the biggest sweetheart on the planet, and i look up to sloan even though she's younger than me! but back to the point, there's one aunt that is something special.. and that's jenny! she's the only aunt i have on my dad's side of the family, so i'll say she's my favorite erhardt aunt. (since i don't think i could pick between my aunts and it'd probably hurt feelings if i somehow could!)

but now i'll really get to the point..
the day after my birthday is jen's birthday!

normally, (normal being when i lived in alabama, not utah.) my beautiful aunt would come down to visit and we'd celebrate our birthdays together, but since i live out here - i didn't get to see her nor celebrate with her.. which tears at my heartstrings a little.

so, instead - i'm going to give you some reasons why jen is the best aunt ever and why she deserved the best birthday ever!

1.  she is beautiful, inside and out.
(which is a plus for me, because people say i look just like her!)

2. she always puts other before herself.. seriously, always.

3. she is an amazing mother to my three adorable cousins.
(which kind of goes along with #2!)

4. she always has a big, welcoming smile on her face.

5. she may be old, (kiiiddddinggg!) but she will do whatever to
make sure that her kids, the neighbors, and even old ole' me is having fun.
6. she can always put me in a good mood, no matter how upset i am.

7. she is one of the few people i know that will go out of her way to
make sure everyone feels welcomed and comfortable.

overall, it's save to say that she has a heart of gold.

i'm so blessed to have her as an aunt!
she treats me like i'm a younger sister or one of her own kids;
i know that if i ever need anything, she's just a phone call away.
i truly don't know what i would do without her.

so.. sorry it's late,
but happy birthday!
i can't wait to see you soon.
i love you, jen.


Brett said...

ya'll look just like twins! :]

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