Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the bachelorette - draaaamaaa.

so, it was my cute baby sister's first birthday yesterday.. which i will blog about later. but because of that, i missed watching the bachelorette.. so, i'm resorting to watching it on hulu.

but anyways - let's get into this.

THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 703" - When Ashley arrives at the mansion to pick up 10 men for a special group date, Jeff decides the time has come to finally reveal his face to the Bachelorette. What will Ashley's response be to finally seeing the masked man? Then it's off to the Comedy Store where roast master general Jeffrey Ross explains to the guys that they will participate in a roast - of Ashley - in front of a packed house. Some of the men are reticent about making jokes at Ashley's expense, but William decides to go for it, with disastrous results, bringing the Bachelorette to tears. And things only get worse when she decides to find solace in Bentley's arms. Unbeknownst to her, he can't pass up an opportunity to "mess with her head." To him it's all a big game. "The Bachelorette" airs MONDAY, JUNE 6 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on ABC.  (ABC/RICK ROWELL)AMES

 phantom music + zoom in on mask guy = i can not breathe.
 seriously, abc.. thanks for giving me so much laughter.

ashley must think she's on so you think you can dance..
i am sick of seeing her dance every episode!

also, i'd kill her if i were ben and she made me dance in the park.
obviously, i would have ruined the flash mob dance date.
which is really stupid date if i do say so.

i do think dance mob is way neat, though.
just not my kind of date or anything.

ben.. slow down when you talk, bud!

also, benny boy - you sound like a thirteen year old girl
when you're talking about your ideal love life!

cue phantom music again as mask boy is on the balcony.
my oh my, i am in tears from laughter.

"hi, i'm jeff!" - how awkward is this?
i kind of want him to put the mask back on.

this comedy date is going to be perfect,
they get to joke on ashley and probably mask boy too.

baby william really roasted her, hahah.

bentley and his one liners are the main reason i watch this season.
"i'm not going to pass up an opportunity to mess with her head"
"crying isn't attractive"
boy oh boy.

i don't like ashley, but i feel bad for her.

seeing william cry was a little sad.

ryan p. is the one to jump at the chance to console her.
the rest of y'all are just dumb not to.
i mean, that was an automatic rose.

why is mask man talking about his three-legged dog?

bentley almost got caught!
way to sneak through that one, boy.

ashley fell in love with bentley last night..
and she'd hop on a plane to SLC now?
girlfriend is whack.
who in their right mind would willing come here?

"i'm going to make her cry, i hope my hair looks okay."

why does bentley have to leave so soon?
look, using his daughter as a copout is so wrong.
but seriously.. don't leave yet, please.
the rest of the world may hate you,
but i love you and your slick remarks
and the way ashley has fallen for your crap.

i can't imagine what ashley is thinking as she is
watching this and his commentary.

jp is such a cutie.
i want him for myself!

holy smokes, ashley..
what are those glasses?

oh, bless your soul..
just wait until you watch this.

all girls need a chris harrison.

why don't we see more of blake?
he's such a cutie pie
and i think he could be a keeper.

i can't even be mad at william..
is that completely awful?
i'm glad she kept him around.

adios, mask boy.
i bet he's wondering if she should've kept the mask on.

well, this episode was surely entertaining.
next week will be sad without bentley.


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