Sunday, June 12, 2011

long hair, do care.

the point of this is,
my hair has gotten toooo long!

it's always been pretty long,
and i'd just get two inches off each time..
because i'm too much of a baby to really ever chop it!

so, my hair is never down like in the picture above.

those are more like my typical hair do's.

but i constantly find cute things online,
that i wish i could do to my own hair.

my fingers get too twisted up to do them myself, though.
so, someone please come do my hair every morning
or just teach me how to do it to myself.

also, i question if my hair will actually even look cute.
because it's only blondes in those pictures,
so you might not even be able to see my braids
since my hair has gotten so freaking dark.

so, then i contemplate what to do with this mane.
which is when i decided to:

therefore, i've been letting it get toooo long..
so.. when i donate it to locks of love, it'll still be a decent length.

but now i'm chickening out.
even though it takes 35 minutes to blow dry,
it's a pain to deal with,
and it's freakishly long for me.
i've become attached to my long hair
and still convince myself that one day i will be
able to do complicated braids and that they'll
actually look cute on my dark hair.

so, i need y'alls input.

donate or no?

from this length:

to around this length:

whether it be help me decide to chop it or not
or help me learn how to braid my hair cute.


*D* said...

I donated my hair 2 summers ago and I'm growing it out to do it again! Your hair looks beautiful long, and I'm sure will look just as great short. i will admit when i first chopped mine off I went through i was so used to my long hair, but it was totally worth it for the cause. I so want to learn how to braid my hair like that too! something I'll work on this summer :)

Miss Britt said...

you have beautiful hair mal. i absolutely love it and wish i had half the hair you did. i have long hair as well, but thin and i contemplate cutting it as well. but not enough to donate. but whatever you do will look great!! but i am more than willing to help you learn to braid your hair. come over this week, ill teach you! or lets go get out hair cut! haha if you do it, ill do it.

Brett said...

I love your hair long and those hairstyles would look totally cute, but if you're ready for a change donating it is so great! Plus, I'm pretty sure any hairstyle will look great on you! Good luck! :]

The Sweet Life said...

I say go for it. I wish I could, but my hair is at a halt and it won't get any longer. At this point, it would be way to short to donate, but I would love to some day.

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