Thursday, June 16, 2011


let's pretend that i didn't skip through the first 30 minutes,
i could not find it in me to watch ashley and constantine.

bentley, will you come back?
i miss you already.

speaking of ole' benty boy,
check these out:

back to this boring episode.

ryan, hush your mouth.
i'm sick of hearing you talk!

anyone else notice they have the cute guys
all working together in one room?
minus blake, he needed to join them.

jp, why is your personality so cute?

hulu just said it can't play this anymore.
blessing in disguise?

date rose goes to...
josh groban over jp.
she has lost her mind, obviously.

i quit, i'm sorry y'all.
i can't watch this episode anymore.

if i missed anything exciting,
let me know -
because i just couldn't take it.


The Sweet Life said...

I absolutely adore JP. He will definitely make it pretty far...hopefully he will be the winner.

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