Friday, June 24, 2011

mr. and mrs.wentworth miller!

his name is wentworth miller,
and i am going to marry him!

the past week i have been watching prison break(which needs a whole post on it's own!)

and this handsome man is the main character!

obviously, he's about as good looking at they get..
those eyes, that smirk, and that buzzed head are perfection.
the chiseled jawline, incredible style, and tan aren't bad either.

however, that's not the only reason i plan to become mrs. mallory miller!
brit says "mallory miller" makes me sound famous. hahaha.

i've spent a little too much time googling him;
interviews, pictures, random facts,
and yano stalker kind of stuff..
like his address, phone number, yada yada.

but after hours of gawking over him and these interviews,
i decided to share with y'all just why i want him.

if you feel that you may want him more after reading this,
then go ahead and leave, because he's mine.

just playing..
sort of.

Wentworth (on how he gets a girl to like him):
Well I don’t, hence me still being single, I think.
To be honest, I find going out pretty scary and intimidating.
Got all those people checking you out, with only one purpose: hooking up.
I’m quite the dork, I'd rather sit home and play Scrabble.
But that doesn’t get you a girl, does it? 

he's practically the boy verison of me!
i mean - it's seriously a match made in heaven, y'all.

Wentworth (on whether he is a gentleman):
Yeah, I'd like to think I am.
I really try hard to make a girl feel comfortable and I treat her like a lady,
and if I see a woman carrying a lot of groceries,
I will always stop to help her out. 

a boy with good looks that is still a gentleman?
there's few of those left.

Wentworth: I enjoy swimming, reading and naps.

again, he's describing me perfectly.

I'm a private person, but that implies that I'm sitting on a mountain of secrets.
The fact is, I'm a fairly quiet person.  I have to laugh internally when I'm
asked in interviews what nightspots I like to hit.
I just don't have answers for those questions.
So sometimes I make them up.

i won't say that we're alike again,
but just know that i'm thinking it.

Wentworth (on Prison Break):
I don't feel any particular pressure to be the cute one.
That's Dominic's territory.

went  >  dominic.
(even though dominic is a cutie too)
if you've seen prison break, you'll agree.

Wentworth (classifying himself as "a fairly boring person"):
I go to the library, I do a lot of reading, I eat at Subway.
When I need some boxers I go to the Gap. 

i am just as "boring".

Wentworth (blonde or brunette?):
I am into brunettes.

one word: SCORE!

I'm kind of a dork.
I don't have much game.
I'm not particularly comfortable in bars or clubs.
I much prefer being home playing Scrabble,
having dinner with a couple friends,  going to see a movie,
or losing a whole weekend to Season 14 of Law and Order or The Simpsons.

he has completely won me over!

i'm a dork too, and my lack of game is sad.
clubs aren't my thing, i'm a homebody.
so, wenty and i will play scrabble,
have dinner with close friends, go see movies,
or lose the whole weekend to law and order.

i understand that y'all might want him more now,
but look - i warned you before you read it.
so, just accept - 
him and i are a better match!

we're so much alike i can't stand it.
minus the fact that he's 20 days older than my dad,
which makes him 19 years and 1 day older than me.
yes, he was born on june 2nd (the day before my birthday!)AND
minus the fact that he's drop dead gorgeous,
but maybe he needs an average human like me to marry.

okay, i'm done ranting to y'all about him.
i've been telling my friends and family about him for a week.

many of them just laugh at me, because they don't understand
my seriousness about this whole ordeal.

but brit and i discussed this marriage the other day..and she totally understood and supported it, haaha.

she says i need to just write him
and compliment 
him on his great photos
and how i respect that he's a dork.

so, what do y'all think?
what's the best approach to find out his email,
contact him, make him fall in love with me,
and marry me?

i'll invite y'all to the wedding.


Anonymous said...

Haha! You have some stiff competition on your hands, my friend.
I think he'd settle for a girl 14 years his junior than one who's 20 years his junior, don't you think?
As much as I'm dorky, introverted, game-less, uncomfortable in bars/clubs, and prefer bumming around with friends once in a while, we'd clash on Law & Order and The Simpsons.
But that would make our relationship magical - fighting over the remote because I can't stand The Simpsons and I'd be begging him to switch the channel from L&O.
Opposites attract, ay?
I'll invite YOU to the....civil union.

*D* said...

omg i think i just feel in love with him too ;)

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