Saturday, June 25, 2011

youtube sensations.

true life: i am a youtube addict.

i spend countless hours looking at videos on youtube,
 because the possibilities of what you'll come across are endless.

as much as i enjoy seeing babies giggle with deep laughs,
people do insane stunts and then bust them,
really talented people sing better than the real artist,
and random auditions of america's got talent;
there's something that i enjoy so much more.

coming across a youtube video randomly
and realize that you know the person in it is priceless.

the boy in the angels shirt, yeah.. that's zac.

let me tell you, i could not stop laughing when i saw this.

so, i was sure to post on his facebook almost immediately
to show that i found this little treasure and share with other
friends of his that may be missing out on it.

and tell me that quentin (the boy on the right) isn't just a doll?

that is all, for now.
maybe i'll find other people on there soon.

boys, keep singing your little hearts out to 1,000 miles.
y'all are giving vanessa carlton a run for her money!


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