Saturday, July 23, 2011

high school reunion.

okay, so i haven't quite reached my
REAL high school reunion..
considering i only graduated 2 years ago.

however, i did meet up with some high school friends.
we went to eat at outback and chit chatted for hours.
it was a nice little reunion, i must say.

here's the sweethearts that i got to catch up with:




and i didn't have a picture from graduation with eric,
but here is one from the other night.

and here's a little random tidbit..
i was friends with rachel and eric in preschool.

you see the girl on the far left, that's rachel.
the one with the awful bowl cut & pink boy, that's me.
then the boy in the front, that's eric.

go ahead, you can laugh.
we look a mess.
we know.


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