Sunday, September 25, 2011

it's fall, y'all.

leaves are turning,
footballs are flying.
happy fall, y'all!

on a quick serious note, where has this year gone?
i feel like we just had fall, but i'm not complaining!

i'm a lover of everything summer.. seriously, every single thing!
but i am actually excited for some fall weather and festivities.

football, halloween, and cooler weather?
don't mind if i do.

help me out:
i want to make a fall bucket list.
give me some awesome ideas to add to it.

(also, i apologize for my lack of blogging.
someone complain to me if i ever do that again,
because sometimes i need a little nudge of encouragement.)


Brett said...

loving the new layout! There are some fall bucket lists on pintrest! Check those out for some ideas! :)

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

Go to a football game; carve a pumpkin; play in the leaves...

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