Monday, September 26, 2011

i just can't wait to be king.

are you mentally humming
"i just can't waaaaaaitttt... to be kinggggg"
if so, my job here is done.

but really..

i am a twenty year old.
i went to see the lion king in 3D, tonight.
i sang along to every single song.
i did shed quite a few tears.
but no, i do not have any shame in it.

just because it came out in 3D now,
doesn't mean that it wasn't our
(90's kids!) generation's movie first..

i actually think there were more older kids
in the movie than there were four year olds.
which made me feel better about myself.
anyways, put your pride away and go see it!

i'll go ahead and remind you, though.

it's really sad.
like, that get so choked up you can't talk kinda sad.
at least for me..
which i maybe shouldn't admit that, though.
because i might just be a wimp.

but go see it.. i'd recommend at matinee prices, though.. because $10.50 for a movie is ridiculous.
i think it was only like $3.50 when it came out back in the day. i almost asked for the 90's kid discount.
but i doubt it would've flied with this little ticket counter man. so, one of y'all should ask instead!


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