Friday, September 30, 2011

flashback birthdays

what do my ex best friend, ex boyfriend, and one of my ex best guy friends have in common?
yes, we don't talk anymore.. but that's not what i was getting at.
yes.. ironically, they all have the same birthday!

so, throughout this week - i've been having a battle with myself on if i'll break the
awkwardness between me and each of them just to tell them happy birthday.

anyways, long story short.

i let my pride take a backseat..
i told my ex best friend, ex boyfriend, and ex best guy friend happy birthday!

and two out of three sent replies.. phew.
we'll see if the other one comes around before the day is over, haah.

i just thought i'd share my ironic little situation with y'all.

happy birthday.. code, c-o, and aus!
thanks for giving me something to blog about, hahah.

do any of you have that awkward battle with yourself too?
like, if you haven't talked to them in forever..
so, you don't know if you should wish them a happy birthday?
or am i the only weirdo that worries about that stuff?


Brett said...

I promise you are not the only one who worries about things like that!

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