Friday, September 30, 2011

friday favorites.

i think i'm going to start posting some of my favorite things that i come across throughout the week..
so, each friday -
be prepared to see quotes, foods, clothes, and any other nifty little things
that may have caught my eye during the previous week!
if you decide to too, be sure to post a link to your blog and i'll check it out!

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hello, is this not the cutest skirt ever?

it looks like it's made out of a man's button down shirt.
if i could sew i promise i'd make a million of 'em.
but if someone generous wants to figure out how to make some,
can i have on in every single color or pattern?
please and thank you.

look at this place.

take a look at this place, would ya!
it's on coastal barrier island near charleston, sc.

i would never, ever leave this place..

so, if you go buy it.
be sure to invite a sista' over.

who loves jim n nick's cheesy biscuits?

i know that i could eat them until i puke.
so, i was beyond ecstatic when i found this copycat recipe.
however, i am trying to eat healthy.

so i've yet to try it out!
if you do, let me know if they're as delicious as the real deal.


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