Sunday, October 2, 2011

happy birthday, whit!

today is this chica's 21st birthday! can you say, parrrrrrtaaaayyy?
well.. not for real, because it's sunday in utah on general conference weekend.

but i figured that i would give her a birthday blog post; even if she jokes on me every single day, makes me sit in the back of every single class, gets mad when i tell her "bless you" after she sneezes, had me plan her entire schedule around mine (so she'd actually come to class), eats bacon cheeseburgers in front of me when i'm trying to eat healthy, has me help her cheat on her nutrition quizzes, and hasn't even been my friend for a whole year.

so, here's some reasons on why she deserves a beyond wonderful birthday:

1. she has claimed me as a friend, when no one else in utah will.
2. she is one of the only girls i know that loves football as much as me.
3. she saves me a seat every day in class, so homegirls don't steal it.
4. she jokes on people just as much as i do.. (which maybe i shouldn't admit!)
5. she doesn't judge me when i tell her the hottest boys in her high school.
6. she accepts me.. like, that i am a serious nerd and overachiever.

i could probably make up weird reasons why forever.. but the main reason is, she's my only friend here. so, i have to be nice, right? just kidding. haaha. but really, even though we're probably highly obnoxious around each other to everyone else in our classes, i'm glad she's my friend.

so.. happy 21st birthday, whit! i hope it's great, and i'll see your face tomorrow.

side note: since we have no pictures together, dumb. i looked through all her facebook pictures to find one that truly let her personality shine.. the one i chose didn't even fully grasp it, though.

however, the one on the right reflects her better.
hahahhaa. i had to. i'm sorry.


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