Monday, October 3, 2011

teeeej, it's your birthday!

third day into october and already another friend's birthday.. sheesh.

today's birthday belongs to.... TJ!
i can't explain how weird it was to write tj, because i always say "teej".. hah.

there's only a handful of people from back home that i talk to consistently;
however, teej is one of them.. which is weird, because we weren't even like
really friends or anything when i still lived back home. but yeah, anyways.

teej's 20th birthday is today,
so here's some reasons why he deserves to have a great birthday:

1. he is easily one of the nicest guys that i know.
2. he talks to me every single day.. even when he's probably sick of me.
3. he is a gym rat, which is inspiring me to be like him one day.
4. he knows how big of a nerd i am but still claims me as a friend.
5. he gets stuck hearing me rant about everything.. bless his heart.

those are just a few reasons why, but i seriously can't say enough good things about, teej.. because he's sincerely just one of the few good guys out there.

don't let the good things that've been said and the fact that he's a cutie get you too hooked on him, though.. i mean - if you live in alabama, you can snatch him up for now! but just don't go getting too attached or anything, because he's already my future husband and the punisher of our children.. sorry to be the bearer of bad news, ladies. haaha.

anyways. since i'm 2,000 miles away, a blog post will have to do. however, here's a few virtual presents.

here's a "good luck on your driver's license" birthday card, a cookie cake (google didn't have a miami one!), and your "happy 15th birthday" banner! just like i said that i had for you, haah.

anyways.. i hope you have a wonderful birthday, teej! 


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