Monday, May 23, 2011

bieber fever.

fyi: if you don't like bieber (which is a shame!) 
- then you might not want to read.

totally against the point of this, but how adorable was biebs as a child?
i mean.. seriously now.


oh, baby bieb.

anyways, i'll be the first to admit i have bieber fever, but i'm not like the rest of the bandwagoners (no offense if you just became a bieber fan!) i've had bieber fever for years.. yano - back when he was just on youtube as kidrauhl, when he had a baby face and was singing chris brown and usher's songs.. that's when he got me hooked!

then scooter found him and most would say that the rest is history. one time came out and he began to gain beliebers.. me and many others played his first cd nonstop. he still had that baby face and high-pitched, yet adorable voice, but now had his own songs that were being stuck in everyone's heads.


back in those days, i continually watched what he'd post on twitter.. he followed me on there when he had only 3,000 followers and was only following 364 people! i'd always watch interviews of him, where he was constantly telling his story, laughing, and singing his heart out.. and he was still able to be a normal kid hanging out with ry and chaz without paparazzi harassing him and being hounded by fans.


now, everyone and their brother knows about bieber. he has almost 10 million followers on twitter, he just completed his world tour, he has two cds, has won an endless amount of awards, and is probably covering 90% of teenage girls bedroom walls.

don't get me wrong, i'm glad that bieber has had so much success. i feel like the kid is my little brother or something. i've watched him grow the past years into such a successful young man.

things have changed for bieber. his high voice is gone, his hair flip has been chopped, he's grow quite a bit taller, and he's become a handsome young man instead of that baby-faced boy i grew to love.. but that's not all that has changed for him. when i watch interviews and see pictures, i see a boy who isn't happy. a boy that no longer has privacy - instead he constantly has paparazzi and thousands of girls chasing after him. girls are stealing his belongings and doing hurtful things to get his attention. he can't hang out with his best friends anymore without pictures being taken and the normality taken away. he avoids telling people he is dating someone because he doesn't want to lose fans or have them hate on her. random people constantly say hateful things about him for no reason. yet, he never stops. he performs sick, because he doesn't want to let anyone down. he always tries to put a smile on people's faces and do whatever he can to make his fans happy. yet, i think it's taking a toll on him.

i love that the small boy from canada has made it this far and accomplished so much.. but and as dorky as it may sound, i miss the young bieber. i wish people would realize he's a kid and he deserves to have a somewhat normal life. i wish he could take a break and hide away with his family and friends for a bit.



sorry for the rant, but i truly feel bad for the kid.

p.s: my baby sister is in love with bieber and she's not even one yet.
i'll have to post a video of her freaking out when a bieber song comes on.
it's seriously THE cutest thing on the planet!


The Sweet Life said...

Posey, the baby that I take care of, is also a big fan... Haha she always breaks out dancing when I play Baby.

Kelsey said...

I've got Beiber fever, and I've got it bad! He's just too cute.

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