Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bachelorette - let's judge.

i meant to post this two weeks ago, but i didn't.
so - here's the first of three bachelorette posts that i'll post today.
i know y'all are excited! ha.

so, ashley is the bachelorette this season.
she bugged me last season and will this season too,
but i'm still going to watch it anyways.

i've made some judgements about the boys based off their bios on!

so, let's judge.

ames: had a teacher walk in on him when hooking up in boarding school? ...classy!
anthony: he's a butcher.. we'll leave it at that.
ben c: he admitted to having love handles.. i love him already.
ben f: for some reason he just looks like a monkey to me.
bentley: take off the flannel, you look like a lumberjack.
blake: i think i might like him.. we'll see.
chris d: obama is the person you most admire.. lame.
chris m: cute necklace. he's from canada, though - so i'll like his accent.
constantine: he has a poodle.. well then. oh, and he reminds me of josh groban.
frank: is it just me or does he look like he should be on dancing with the stars?
j.p: i think i might like him too.. again, we'll see.
jeff: he has no picture. sup with that?
jon: he's a liiittlee obsessed with arnold schwarzenegger.
luas: he looks like a boy in my class last semester.. and that's not a good thing.
matt: turf grass management? okay.. his parents and i would get along, though.
michael: streaking, huh? pretty outrageous.. not.
mickey: his picture should have been on dancing with the stars too.
nick: his hair is a mess, but he played for the yankees.
rob: he seems like a nerd.
ryan m: he looks like someone, but i can't figure out who.
ryan p: he seems like a keeper.
stephen: what an awful hairstyle and to make it worse, he's a hairstylist.
tim: his "worst attributes" turned me away right off the bat.
west: he's not bad.. oh, and michael - west actually has outrageous things he did.
william: he looks just like josh lucas in sweet home alabama.

there's some keepers and some creepers.
this season will be interesting,
that's for sure.


Ashley said...

I'm definitely wondering what this season is going to be like...not sure about these boys!

Brett said...

I'm so excited for this season. I wasn't a big fan of Ashley last season but I think she is making a great bachelorette. I feel like she truly wants to find love. JP is my favorite, super cute. William was up there until the the cocktail party this week. She should really let Bentley go because he is a jerk. His comments are rude and I think he is setting an awful example for his daughter. Just my thoughts. I will definitley be watching this because I'm addicted to the show!

The Sweet Life said...

I'm so excited about this season...loved your judgements. I will know more about who I like once I watch this week's episode. Happy Wednesday

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