Friday, May 20, 2011

today was the day!

weddings make me all giddy.
i waste my days looking at dresses, color schemes, venues, and
every little detail to what i want in my future wedding.

however, i don't even have a boyfriend or a guy that i like..
so, i won't be getting married any time soon!

but remember when i wrote about that blonde girl?

well, yeah..
today was her day..

now i can,
she's married!

we look pretty dang good, huh?

i mean..
minus the wet hair, no make up, and painted on dresses
that's pretty much right on the dot.

haah.. but seriously,
i'm not back home yet, so i wasn't there.

go ahead - i'm an awful best friend..
i know!

but i am so very happy for her and jared.
it's weird to think that when i see her in a month
she'll no longer be a burdette.. crrraaazzzzy.
but i know the ordis' will treat her right!

i love you to pieces, brit
and congrats y'all!

and since i haven't been married
(and probably won't until y'all have been married 40 years)
i'll have to give you some generic advice in the form of quotes..
because yano - that's just what we do, brit.


The Sweet Life said...

I'm right there with you about the marriage thing. I will prob be 40 before I meet the right go. Here is to be a strong, independent, single woman. :)

Brett said...

Ahh Mallory! So cute! Congrats to your blonde friend! :) I will be right there with ya with the whole marriage deal. No boys. haha

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